Brian (General Manager)

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Being your typical Italian, New Yorker, Brian operates with a passion to get things done. He is straight forward, eager, honest and at times loud! But, unlike your typical New Yorker his passion is investment in people. He truly sets forth the ambition to care about his members and clients by helping them realize not just their physique goal but their fitness passion. By making himself available for questions of any sort, his goal is to educate anyone that asks on how to make their dreams a reality with simple changes to create a better lifestyle.

When faced with a problem in his professional, personal or fitness life, Brian tries to eliminate any emotional reaction or response. It has been shown that an emotional reaction only focuses on the problem, and does not help find and create a solution. This is extremely true when speaking with people about their training regimen, and nutritional intake. Platueas are hard to overcome because of the emotional connection we have to our goals, and Brian does an amazing job helping people realize different ways to achieve results when they get stuck and don’t see a way out.

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