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Nate Brackett

Personal Trainer
“My focus is on creating sustainable bodies that can be maintained by the general public. My passion for fitness helps me live by three rules that can be followed through exercise: 1) Committing to the body’s health through physical activity and nutrition, 2) setting constant challenges to build knowledge and personal growth, 3) gaining clarity through focus on exercise and breathing.”

“My passion for fitness stems from the inclusion of others. The best thing about exercise is that it is not limited to any one population. People from all walks of life are entitled to self-improvement through fitness. Physical movement creates a chemical shift in our body that fights depression and anxiety. When people commit to a lifestyle change, their thoughts and emotions become clear and they start build a foundation of strength physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

By providing professional guidance I encourage proper technique and guidelines in order to enhance strength gains, endurance ability, and flexibility. In doing so, I help the public reach their fitness goals, prevent future injury or disease, and make people feel confident in their everyday life. Hard work never goes unnoticed, and believe me, your friends and family will notice.”

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