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Chris Crown

Personal Trainer
My background in fitness started with Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. As a skinny soccer player and rock climber, I found myself unhappy with my physique, easily pushed around on the field and lacking in force development on the wall. I found success and confidence in changing my body/abilities; a confidence I wanted to empower others to find; but soon found that there was a lot more to creating a functional body than muscular size.

I then devoted myself to studying the science behind human performance and nutrition. Concurrently, I was studying biology and chemistry for my degree at Illinois Wesleyan University, so I started learning ways to convey complex scientific principles/processes into approachable dialogues with clients and also how to create effective programming.

I truly believe that every person, athlete or not, has a "perfect" plan that will enable them to achieve their goals quickly. Personal training is the pathway toward finding the right tweaks to all the variables that go into fitness and an appealing physique. Through constantly-varied functional training based on cutting-edge science, I have been able to produce incredible results in a wide array of clients - the only question left: "How do you want your body to perform?"


Sport of Choice: Obstacle Course Racing (Especially Spartan Races). Any day I can spend throwing javelins, slogging through mud and climbing ropes is a day.

Favorite Fit Meal: Tacos - slow-stewed chipotle chicken with homemade masa tortillas. I've never found anything tastier that keeps me lean for racing season.

Favorite Cheat Meal: I am such a sucker for donut holes!

Favorite Lift: Overhead Barbell Press - SO satisfying!

Current Project: Join the 1000lb club for the Big 3 Powerlifts while staying in racing shape.

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